The Sun Room

  • The "Sun Room" is a very well lit and spacious 30'X30' meeting room separated from the "Owlcove" by a glass wall.
  • The room is equipped with 15-6' tables, 30 chairs, a small refrigerator and microwave, 2 restrooms and a glass patio door onto a small back deck.

The "Sunroom" is a brightly lit conference room used for business meetings or cropping groups. It will hold fifteen six foot tables and seat 30 people, though 20-25 is a more comfortable number. The 2 restrooms in the Sunroom are usually labeled "Elk" and "Deer". Hmmm....

  Creative Memories groups and other croppers that have retreats here find the facility almost perfect for their needs. Scrapbookers can leave their cropping tables in the evening, and return the next morning to pick up where they left off, without "cleaning up" before bed.
  Business retreats that book the lodge will often have the formal group meetings in the "Sunroom", and then break of into smaller groups throughout the lodge.

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