Room # 5 – Fluffy Bunny Room


Named after the two-time nationally ranked men's 3v3 soccer team. Floppy, the team mascot, welcomes you to this cozy little sleeping room strategically located next to the fantastic front porch that stretches across the front of the Lodge with views of Mt. Meeker and the hummingbirds that frequent the feeders and potted flowers.


Guest Comments:

The front porch was the best! Watching the hummers was a real bonus! What a lovely place to unwind and enjoy God's creation in the park…and a nice mixture of solitude and pleasant company. I won't soon forget the fresh peaches and French Toast. Thank you,
Debbie (Denver, CO)

This has been a delightfully refreshing weekend for us! Delightful in the attractive woodsy décor and the relaxed atmosphere of 'hominess' that welcomed us. Refreshing in the tasty soup and breakfasts, the cozy fires, the friendly chatting, the 'home away from home' touches of a comfy bed and a time spent pouring over a puzzle or sipping a cup of tea with fresh baked chocolate chip cookies!
David & Kathy

Thank you, Bill & Juanita, for saving 3 ill-prepared women from "unsupervised camping" and taking us in at 10:00 at night! You were sweet enough to give us a mattress for the floor & all the other goodies that come with a night's stay at Allenspark Lodge - Thank you! - & Hopefully we'll be back!!
Kathy (Nashville, TN)
Joanie (Denver, CO)
Kelly (Lakeland, FL)

Note: these three appeared out of nowhere on a late-summer night that had turned suddenly stormy and very cold. The Lodge was full except for room 5, so we gave them an extra sleeping pad and they 'camped' quite nicely.

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