Room # 2 – Roosevelt Room


Every Inn worth its salt must have a Roosevelt Room, and ours is closely
watched over by Amy the Gorilla. Located across the hall from the Sunrise
Room, this cozy niche of a room is furnished with a full bed and sink. The
streetlight across the street provides the romantic illusion of a full moon
every night.
 Roosevelt Room Rates 

It has been 38 years since the last time I spent the night at Allenspark Lodge. My grandfather purchased the land and spent several summers building the lodge in the early '30's. As a young boy I would come up here every summer to help with chores, hike, ride horses, etc. The place still looks great! Very homey atmosphere provided by our hosts! Randy — (Colorado Springs, CO)

Thanks again for such a fun time at the lodge. This is the second time I've gotten this room (10/99), and I felt like it was "my room"! It was nice seeing Samantha, too, and I hope her hips hold out until I see her next - she's so sweet! P.S. It was great fun, too, feeding lettuce and bread to the goats, Curly and Jethro. Also, glad Ranger has a new pal, Jesse! — Jill (Loveland, CO)

This was my 5th time here with the Creative Memories retreat. I missed the last one in October - as my 3rd child - (1st girl) was born Oct. 11th. Yeah Cristina! As always food was great! It's so nice and peaceful up here - but I do miss the sounds of my children & husband. Looking forward to the next retreat! I'd love to bring my family up here, but this is my place to get away to - maybe when the kids are grown they can experience this! Thanks! (Oh - gotta love this room - I thought the street light was a full moon - ha ha - the effects were cool!) Claudia

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